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accolades-rory-freedman accolades-quote One of the highest compliments you can pay a vegan chef is, ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan!’ Danielle Konya’s Vegan Treats are every bit as sinful, decadent, and divine as their fat- and cholesterol-laden counterparts. Proving that veganism doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, Vegan Treats leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Be warned: every single dessert is painfully good and highly addictive!

Rory Freedman | International Best Seller – Skinny Bitch

accolades-fred-mascherino accolades-quote I’ve toured in my bands to over a dozen countries and I’m often introduced to vegan delicacies once the locals learn that that’s how I eat. In all my travels and searches, I have never found anything that compares to what Danielle does. Honestly, Vegan Treats are so good that the fact that they’re vegan is just a bonus. They rival any dessert I’ve ever tasted. Her cakes are truly gourmet and the care that she takes and the detail makes it a work of art. For any vegan that feels like they’re missing out on anything, try a doughnut or a cupcake and you’ll feel spoiled all over again. Treat yourself.

Fred Mascherino | The Color Fred

accolades-dan-yemin accolades-quote If you’re vegan and traveling anywhere in the Northeast, Vegan Treats is well worth a detour. If you’re vegan and live in the Northeast, chances are you’ve already been. If you’re not vegan, chances are someone from our cult has already slipped you some of Danielle’s cake and you didn’t even notice it was cruelty-free. They baked the cupcakes for my wedding, and half of the “normal” (non-punks) bypassed the (non-vegan) wedding cake and stampeded straight for the Vegan Treats. We were lucky to survive!

Dan Yemin | Paint it Black

accolades-davey-havok accolades-quote Danielle’s Bakery is a unique and wonderful rarity. It’s an oasis of treats for any pie-starved, traveling vegan as well as compassionate east coasters who like their cupcakes to be cruelty free. What truly makes Danielle’s treats so special is that, both in their presentation and their taste, they lack absolutely nothing due to their dairy free status and thus transcend exclusive vegan appeal. Really. They’re delish!

Davey Havok | AFI

accolades-toby-morse accolades-quote Danielle’s Vegan Treats were the first vegan deserts ever made that didn’t taste vegan, if that makes sense. Through my many years of being vegan and vegetarian since 1987, I have tried many dry ass tasteless vegan deserts and hers are the best hands down! The peanut butter bombs and moon pies that remind of Suzie Q’s (old school) and the fact that she is actually vegan and sxe makes the deserts and her amazing! I even turned Hoya from Madball a fan who is far from vegan, that should tell you something right there!

Toby Morse | H20

accolades-matt-skiba accolades-quote Vegan Treats is all I eats! Whenever we roll through NYC or Philadelphia we stock up and eat nothing but Vegan Treats day and night for weeks. It’s a good thing we can’t get them everywhere because we would be an extremely overweight band. They are THE BEST!!! Danielle could get away with just calling them ‘Treats’ because they are the best thing vegan or otherwise that I’ve ever had!

Matt Skiba | Alkaline Trio

accolades-anthony-anzaldo accolades-quote Danielle’s treats are my favorite part about visiting the East Coast. They’re so good I have to eat at a restaurant that carries them at least once a day. Believe it or not making all kinds of amazing vegan goodies is not Danielle’s crowning achievement. It’s starting a successful business that has strong principles and is based on integrity and compassion, which in this day and age there’s an overwhelming lack of. What Danielle has accomplished with Vegan Treats is truly inspiring!

Anthony Anzaldo

accolades-dave-hause accolades-quote Vegan Treats are the best vegan desserts I’ve tasted. These goodies have been an east coast treasure for many years. From a guy who eats dairy I have the benefit of comparison. I’d says Vegan Treats is as good, if not better, than any dairy dessert I’ve ever tasted. Treat yourself to a vegan treat.

Dave Hause | The Loved Ones

accolades-less-than-jake accolades-quote Hands down the BEST cupcakes I have ever had. A friend of mine asked what the best flavor cupcake Vegan Treats makes… My reply was simple — all of them!

Vinnie Fiorello | Less Than Jake

Those cupcakes were just about the best thing I have ever tasted. Vegan or not those are the best baked goods I have ever eaten…. and fat guys like me know how to eat!

Peter ‘JR’ Wasilewski | Less Than Jake

accolades-hypernova accolades-quote We love Vegan Treats! Danielle’s desserts are an orgasm!

Hypernova | Rock Band

accolades-earth-crisis accolades-quote Vegan Treats is hands down the best tasting, and most well presented baked goods I’ve ever had. That even goes for my pre vegan days.

Scott Crouse | Earth Crisis

I look forward to playing anywhere near Bethlehem, PA because I know some Vegan Treats will be devoured that day.

Karl Buechner | Earth Crisis

accolades-connor-oberst accolades-quote Nom nom nom!

Conor Oberst | Bright Eyes