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Read our blog to learn more about how we are using our passion for delicious vegan baked goods to spread the word about veganism, save animals, help the environment and change lives!


Vegan Treats Featured on Skullspiration

We were recently featured on this very cool, skull inspired blog, Skullspiration. Check out the full article.

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The Haute Macabre Approved Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We are super excited to say that we were recently featured as a Haute Macabre Approved Valentine’s Day Gift! Check out the full article to see what else Haute Macabre recommends for Valentine’s Day this year!

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Valentine’s Crush: Vegan Treats

Check out the fantastic interview and article written for Pretty Attitude: We’ve been huge fans of Vegan Treats for quite some time now, but when they launched their limited run “Fatally Your’s” gourmet chocolate box, we officially needed to get to[…]

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Death by (Cruelty Free) Chocolate

We are thrilled to share our latest interview and article written for Inked Magazine (01/16/15 / Photo by Kencredible / Author: Natasha Van Duser). Death by (Cruelty Free) Chocolate Whether you love Valentine’s Day or scorn it with the name “Single’s[…]

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